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Jorge Hirsch factor or H index of one author is the number of articles by this author, which received at least H citations each. H index is derived from the ISI Web of Knowledge Clarivate (left side of the table), or extrapolated from the base of Google Scholar citations (right side of table).

The journal impact factors are those corresponding to the year of publication each article!

Publications and impact factor ISI Clarivate Google Scholar
1st author, Journal, Year of publication IF Total H Total H
Lemaire JJ, Ann Clin Transl Neurol, 2018(i)00
Planche V, Brain Struct Funct, 2018(i)00
Sarret C, Dev Neurosci, 2018(i)00
Shah A, J Neurosurg, 20174.31801
Shah A, Med Biol Eng Comput, 20171.97124
Hemm S, Front Hum Neurosci, 20163.20938
Lemaire JJ, Surg Neurol Int, 2016(ii)11
Sarret C, DMCN, 20163.1161011
Zerroug A, Neurochirurgie, 20160.80215
Lemaire JJ, Neurochirurgie, 20150.64400
Sarret C, Int J Dev Neurosci, 20152.38000
Lemaire JJ, Ann Fr Anesth Reanim, 20140.841915X
Burbaud P, Brain, 201310.22622X30(x)
Hemm-Ode S, Biomed Eng, 20130.73100
Shah A, Biomed Eng, 20130.73104
Mendes-Martins V, Neurochirurgie, 20120.31924
Vassal F, Brain Stimulation, 20124.53813X25X
Bourredjem A, Psychiatry Research, 20112.52436
Welter ML, Translational Psychiatry, 2011(ii)36X50X
Le Jeune F, Biological Psychiatry, 20108.67451X97(x)
Caire F, Stereotact Funct Neurosurg, 20091.451919X
Coste J, EJN, 20093.418817X
Hemm S, Acta Neurochir, 20091.47223X31X
Coste J, Cephalalgia, 20083.68624X33X
Coste J, Pain, 20086.03011X18X
Hemm S, IJCARS, 2008(ii)49
Mallet L, NEJM, 200850.017417X654(x)
Lemaire JJ, NeuroImage, 20075.45733X56X
Lemaire JJ, IJCARS, 2007(ii)15X21X
Caire F, Neurochirurgie, 20060.38611X17X
Woda A, EJN, 20043.820613X
Coste J, BBRC, 20022.93533
Total717 11 1152 12

(i) information not yet available
(ii) not applicable

Last update of the table: January 2019.