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Keywords:18FDG-PET, Acceleration, Acceleration Measurements, Acceleration Sensor, Accelerometry, Anatomy, Assessment, Atlas, Battery Life, Bedridden, Behavior, Bilateral, Biomechanics, Brain, Brain Injury, Brain Mapping, CT, Care, Central Sensitization, Cerebral Networks, Checking Task, Cingulate Gyrus, Cognition, Coma Recovery Scale Scale-Revised, Computer-aided Surgery, Consciousness, Contact Mapping, DBS, Data Visualization, Deep Brain, Deep Brain Stimulation, Deep Brain Stimulation In OCD, Deep-brain Stimulation, Default Mode Network, Deformation, Diffusion Tensor Imaging, Direct Targeting, Disorders Of Consciousness, Doubt-related Neuronal Activity, Economy, Efficacy, Electric Field Simulations, Electrode, Electrode Artefact, Electrophysiology, Endothelium, Essential Tremor, FDG PET, FEM, FMRI, Fields Of Forel, Finite Element Method Simulations, Fluorescence , Functional MRI, Functional Neurosurgery, Functional Resting-state Connectivity, Globus Pallidus Internus, Group Analysis, Headache, Holmes Tremor, Human, Hypothalamus, IPSC Derived Nociceptors, Image Registration, Image-guided Surgery, Implantable Pulse Generator, Intracellular Oxygen Tension, Intraoperative, Intraoperative Monitoring, Intraoperative Stimulation Tests, Long-term Follow-up, MRI, Mapping, Mesocircuit Model, Microneurography, Minimally Conscious State, Monitoring, Movement Disorders, Neuromodulation, Neuron, Neuronal Activity, Neurosurgery, Nociception, Nociceptors, Nonmotor Symptoms, Nucleus Accumbens, OCD Pathophysiology, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Optimisation, Orbitofrontal Cortex, Orofacial, PLP1-related Disorders, Pain, Pallidum, Parkinson's Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, Patch-clamp, Patient Normalization, Patient-specific Brain Maps, Pelizaeus–Merzbacher Disease, Performance, Porphyrin, Position Analysis, Postoperative Control, Psychiatric Symptoms, Psychometrics, Quality Of Life, Quantification, Registration, Rehabilitation, Research, Rigidity, Risk, Risk-taking Behaviors, STN-DBS, Spastic Paraplegia Type 2, Spontaneous Activity, Sprague-Dawley Rat, Stereotactic AC-PC-based Diagrams, Stereotaxis, Stereotaxy, Subnucleus Oralis, Substance P, Subthalamic Nucleus, Subthalamic Nucleus Targeting, Subthalamus, Surgical Complications, Targeting, Template, Temporal Summation, Thalamus, Tractography, Transcriptomics, Tremor, Trigeminal, Unresponsive Wakefulness Syndrome, Ventral Intermediate Nucleus, Ventrointermediate Nucleus, Wide Dynamic Range,

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