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  1. Pontier B., Sontheimer A., Coste J., El Ouadih Y., Briancon AM., Millet G., Pantera E., Sarret C., Lemaire JJ. (2021)
    Neural correlates of rehabilitation program with robot-assisted intensive therapy in one case of Holmes tremor
    Annals of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine 64(4), 101411
    Mots clé: Holmes tremor; functional MRI; diffusion tensor imaging; rehabilitation
    [ DOI (R)] [ PubMed ]

  2. Vogel D., Wårdell K., Coste J., Lemaire JJ., Hemm S. (2021)
    Atlas Optimization for Deep Brain Stimulation. In Jarm T., Cvetkoska A., Mahnič-Kalamiza S., Miklavcic D. (eds) 8th European Medical and Biological Engineering Conference EMBEC 2020.
    IFMBE Proceedings 80, 130-142
    Mots clé: Deep Brain Stimulation; Patient normalization; Atlas; Optimisation; Registration; Movement disorders
    [ DOI (R)] [ PubMed ]

  3. Sontheimer A., Pontier B., Claise B., Chassain C., Coste J., Lemaire JJ. (2021)
    Disrupted pallido-thalamo-cortical functional connectivity in chronic Disorders of Consciousness
    Brain Sciences 11(3), 356
    Mots clé: cerebral networks; disorders of consciousness; functional resting-state connectivity; mesocircuit model; pallidum; thalamus
    [ DOI (R)] [ PubMed ]

  4. Chapelle F., Manciet L., Pereira B., Sontheimer A., Coste J., El Ouadih Y., Cimpeanu R., Gouot D., Lapusta Y., Claise B., Sautou V., Bouattour Y., Marques A., Wohrer A., Lemaire JJ. (2021)
    Early deformation of deep brain stimulation electrodes following surgical implantation: intracranial, brain and electrode mechanics
    Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology 9, 657875
    Mots clé: DBS; electrode; deformation; Biomechanics; Brain
    [ DOI (R)] [ PubMed ]

  5. Lemaire JJ., Pontier B., Chaix R., El Ouadih Y., Khalil T., Sinardet D., Achim V., Postelnicu A., Coste J., Germain V., Sarret C., Sontheimer A. (2021)
    Neural correlates of Consciousness and related disorders: from phenotypic descriptors of behavioral and relative consciousness to cortico-subcortical circuitry
    Neurochirurgie 67, online ahead of print
    Mots clé: consciousness; disorders of consciousness; fMRI; default mode network; behavior
    [ DOI (R)] [ PubMed ]

  6. Lemaire JJ., Chaix R., Sontheimer A., Coste J., Cousseau MA., Dubois C., San Juan M., Massa C., Raynaud S., Usclade A., Pontier B., El Ouadih Y., Abdelouahab K., Maggiani L., Berry F. (2021)
    Risk-taking behaviors of adult bedridden patients in neurosurgery: what could-should we do ?
    Frontiers in Medicine 8, 676538
    Mots clé: Risk-taking behaviors; Monitoring; Bedridden; Neurosurgery; risk
    [ DOI (R)] [ PubMed ]

  7. Shah A., Vogel D., Alonso F., Lemaire JJ., Pison D., Coste J., Wårdell K., Schkommodau E., Hemm S. (2020)
    Stimulation Maps: Visualization of results of quantitative intraoperative testing for deep brain stimulation surgery
    Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing 58(4), 771-784
    Mots clé: deep brain stimulation; electric field simulations; accelerometry; data visualization; essential tremor
    [ DOI (R)] [ PubMed ]

  8. Vogel D., Shah A., Coste J., Lemaire JJ., Wårdell K., Hemm S. (2020)
    Anatomical Brain Structures Normalization for Deep Brain Stimulation in Movement Disorders
    NeuroImage-Clinical 27, 102271
    Mots clé: deep brain stimulation; patient normalization; template; group analysis; image registration; thalamus
    [ DOI (R)] [ PubMed ]

  9. Lemaire JJ., De Salles A., Coll G., El Ouadih Y., Chaix R., Coste J., Durif F., Makris N, Kikinis R. (2019)
    MRI Atlas of the Human Deep Brain
    Frontiers in Neurology 10, 851
    Mots clé: Atlas; MRI; human; thalamus; hypothalamus; subthalamus; deep brain; stereotaxis
    [ DOI (R)] [ PubMed ]

  10. de Schlichting E., Coll G., Zaldivar-Jolissaint JF., Coste J., Marques AR., Mulliez A., Durif F., Lemaire JJ. (2019)
    Pulse generator battery life in deep brain stimulation: out with the old… in with the less durable?
    Acta neurochirurgica 161(10), 2043-2046
    Mots clé: Battery life; DBS; Implantable pulse generator
    [ DOI (R)] [ PubMed ]

  11. Mallet L., Du Montcel ST., Clair AH., Arbus C., Bardinet E., Baup N., Chabardès S., Chéreau I., Czernecki V., Fontaine D., Harika-Germaneau G., Haynes WI., Houeto JL., Jaafari N., Krack P., Millet B., Navarro S., Polosan M., Pelissolo A., Welter ML., STOC Study Group. (2019)
    Long-term effects of subthalamic stimulation in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: Follow-up of a randomized controlled trial.
    Brain Stimulation 12(4), 1080-1082
    Mots clé: Deep brain stimulation; Efficacy; Long-term follow-up; Neurosurgery; Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder; Subthalamic nucleus
    [ DOI (R)] [ PubMed ]

  12. Planche V., Munsch F., Pereira B., de Schlichting E., Vidal T., Coste J., Morand D., de Chazeron I., Derost P., Debilly B., Llorca PM., Lemaire JJ., Marques A., Durif F. (2018)
    Anatomical predictors of cognitive decline after subthalamic stimulation in Parkinson's disease.
    Brain Structure and Function 223(7), 3063-3072
    Mots clé: Parkinson’s disease; Deep-brain stimulation; Subthalamic nucleus; Nucleus accumbens; MRI; Cognition
    [ DOI (R)] [ PubMed ]

  13. Sarret C., Lemaire JJ., Sontheimer A., Coste J., Savy N., Pereira B., Roche B., Boespflug-Tanguy O. (2018)
    Brain diffusion imaging and tractography to distinguish clinical severity of PLP1-related disorders
    Developmental Neuroscience 40(4), 301-311
    Mots clé: PLP1-related disorders; Pelizaeus–Merzbacher disease; Spastic paraplegia type 2; diffusion tensor imaging; tractography
    [ DOI (R)] [ PubMed ]

  14. Lemaire JJ., Sontheimer A., Pereira B., Coste J., Rosenberg S., Sarret C., Coll G., Gabrillargues J., Jean B., Gillart T., Coste A., Roche B., Kelly A., Pontier B., Feschet F. (2018)
    Deep brain stimulation in five patients with severe disorders of consciousness
    Annals of Clinical and Translational Neurology 5(11), 1372-1384
    Mots clé: Coma Recovery Scale Scale-Revised; DBS; Minimally Conscious State; Unresponsive Wakefulness Syndrome; FDG PET; Default Mode Network
    [ DOI (R)] [ PubMed ]

  15. Shah A., Coste J., Lemaire JJ., Taub E., Schüpbach M., Pollo C., Schkommodau E., Guzman R., Hemm-Ode S. (2017)
    Intraoperative acceleration measurements to quantify improvement in tremor during deep brain stimulation surgery.
    Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing 55(5), 845-858
    Mots clé: Deep brain stimulation; Intraoperative monitoring; Acceleration; Tremor; Parkinson’s disease; Essential tremor
    [ DOI (R)] [ PubMed ]

  16. Shah A., Coste J., Lemaire JJ., Schkommodau E., Taub E., Guzman R., Derost P., Hemm-Ode S. (2017)
    A novel assistive method for rigidity evaluation during deep brain stimulation surgery using acceleration sensors.
    Journal of neurosurgery 127(3), 602-612
    Mots clé: deep brain stimulation; Parkinson’s disease; rigidity; acceleration sensor; quantification; intraoperative; subthalamic nucleus; fields of Forel; functional neurosurgery
    [ DOI (R)] [ PubMed ]

  17. Sarret C., Lemaire JJ., Tonduti D., Sontheimer A., Coste J., Pereira B., Feschet F., Roche B., Boespflug-Tanguy O. (2016)
    Time-course of myelination and atrophy on cerebral imaging in 35 patients with PLP1-related disorders.
    Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology 58(7), 706-13
    [ DOI (R)] [ PubMed ]

  18. Zerroug A., Gabrillargues J., Coll G., Vassal F., Jean B., Chabert E., Claise B., Khalil T., Sakka L., Feschet F., Durif F., Boyer L., Coste J., Lemaire JJ. (2016)
    Personalized mapping of the deep brain with a white matter attenuated inversion recovery (WAIR) sequence at 1.5-tesla: Experience based on a series of 156 patients.
    Neurochirurgie 62(4), 183-189
    Mots clé: MRI; anatomy; mapping; deep brain; DBS; direct targeting
    [ DOI (R)] [ PubMed ]

  19. Hemm S., Pison D., Alonso F., Shah A., Coste J., Lemaire JJ., Wårdell K. (2016)
    Patient-specific electric field simulations and acceleration measurements for objective analysis of intraoperative stimulation tests in the thalamus.
    Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 10, 577
    Mots clé: deep brain stimulation; intraoperative stimulation tests; Essential Tremor; finite element method simulations; FEM; Ventral intermediate nucleus; Acceleration measurements; patient-specific brain maps
    [ DOI (R)] [ PubMed ]

  20. Lemaire JJ., Pereira B., Derost P., Vassal F., Ulla M., Morand D., Coll G., Gabrillargues J., Marques A., Debilly B., Coste J., Durif F. (2016)
    Subthalamus stimulation in Parkinson’s Disease: accounting for the bilaterality of contacts.
    Surgical Neurology International 7(Suppl35), S837-S847
    Mots clé: bilateral; deep brain stimulation; Parkinson's disease; Subthalamic nucleus
    [ DOI (R)] [ PubMed ]

  21. Lemaire JJ., Delom C., Coste A., Khalil T., Jourdy JC., Pontier B., Gabrillargues J., Sinardet D., Chabanne A., Achim V., Sakka L., Coste J., Chazal J., Salagnac A., Coll G., Irthum B. (2015)
    [Medico-economic analysis of a neurosurgery department at a university hospital.]
    Neurochirurgie 61(1), 2-15
    Mots clé: neurosurgery; care; research; economy; assessment; performance
    [ DOI (R)] [ PubMed ]

  22. Sarret C., Lemaire JJ., Sontheimer A., Coste J., Pereira B., Feschet F., Roche B., Renou JP., Boespflug-Tanguy O. (2015)
    Cerebral atrophy is linked to clinical severity and worsens with aging in patients with Pelizaeus-Merzbacher disease and Spastic Paraplegia type 2.
    International journal of developmental neuroscience 47(Pt A), 90
    [ DOI (R)] [ PubMed ]

  23. Lemaire JJ., Sontheimer A., Nezzar H., Pontier B., Luaute J., Roche B., Gillart T., Gabrillargues J., Rosenberg S., Sarret C., Feschet F., Vassal F., Fontaine D., Coste J. (2014)
    Electrical modulation of neuronal networks in brain-injured patients with disorders of consciousness: A systematic review.
    Annales Françaises d’Anesthésie et de Réanimation 33(2), 88-97
    Mots clé: deep brain stimulation; consciousness; thalamus; neuromodulation; brain injury
    [ DOI (R)] [ PubMed ]

  24. Burbaud P., Clair AH., Langbour N., Fernandez-Vidal S., Goillandeau M., Michelet T., Bardinet E., Chéreau I., Durif F., Polosan M., Chabardès S., Fontaine D., Magnié-Mauro MN., Houeto JL., Bataille B., Millet B., Vérin M., Baup N., Krebs MO., Cornu P., Pelissolo A., Arbus C., Simonetta-Moreau M., Yelnik J., Welter ML., Mallet L.; STOC Study Group. (2013)
    Neuronal activity correlated with checking behaviour in the subthalamic nucleus of patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder.
    Brain 136(1), 304-317
    Mots clé: OCD pathophysiology; checking task; subthalamic nucleus; doubt-related neuronal activity; deep brain stimulation in OCD
    [ DOI (R)] [ PubMed ]

  25. Hemm-Ode S., Wettmann P., Kistler B., Behm P., Schkommodau E., Coste J., Lemaire J., Shah A. (2013)
    Intraoperative optical flow based tremor evaluation - a feasibility study.
    Biomedizinische Technik. Biomedical engineering 58, 1
    [ DOI (R)] [ PubMed ]

  26. Shah A., Coste J., Schkommodau E., Lemaire JJ., Hemm-Ode S. (2013)
    Using acceleration sensors to quantify symptoms during deep brain stimulation surgery.
    Biomedizinische Technik. Biomedical engineering 58, 1
    [ DOI (R)] [ PubMed ]

  27. Mendes-Martins V., Coste J., Derost P., Ulla M., Gabrillargues J., Durif F., Chazal J., Lemaire JJ. (2012)
    [Surgical complications of deep brain stimulation: Clinical experience of 184 cases.]
    Neurochirurgie 58(4), 219-224
    Mots clé: Deep brain stimulation; Surgical complications; Direct targeting; Thalamus; Subthalamic nucleus; Globus pallidus internus
    [ DOI (R)] [ PubMed ]

  28. Vassal F., Coste J., Derost P., Mendes V., Gabrillargues J., Nuti C., Durif F., Lemaire JJ. (2012)
    Direct stereotactic targeting of the ventrointermediate nucleus of the thalamus based on anatomic 1.5-T MRI mapping with a white matter attenuated inversion recovery (WAIR) sequence.
    Brain Stimulation 5(4), 625-633
    Mots clé: Deep brain stimulation; Direct targeting; Thalamus; Tremor; Ventrointermediate nucleus
    [ DOI (R)] [ PubMed ]

  29. Bourredjem A., Pelissolo A., Rotge JY., Jaafari N., Machefaux S., Quentin S., Bui E., Bruno N., Pochon JB., Polosan M., Baup N., Papetti F., Chéreau I., Arbus C., Mallet L., du Montcel ST.; STOC Study Group. (2011)
    A video Clinical Global Impression (CGI) in obsessive compulsive disorder.
    Psychiatry Research 186(1), 117-122
    Mots clé: Psychometrics; Obsessive compulsive disorder
    [ DOI (R)] [ PubMed ]

  30. Welter ML., Burbaud P., Fernandez-Vidal S., Bardinet E., Coste J., Piallat B., Borg M., Besnard S., Sauleau P., Devaux B., Pidoux B., Chaynes P., Tézenas du Montcel S., Bastian A., Langbour N., Teillant A., Haynes W., Yelnik J., Karachi C., Mallet L.; STOC Study Group. (2011)
    Basal ganglia dysfunction in OCD: subthalamic neuronal activity correlates with symptoms severity and predicts high-frequency stimulation efficacy.
    Translational Psychiatry 1(e5), 1-10
    Mots clé: subthalamic nucleus; obsessive compulsive disorder; Parkinson’s disease; deep brain stimulation; neuronal activity
    [ DOI (R)] [ PubMed ]

  31. Le Jeune F., Vérin M., N'Diaye K., Drapier D., Leray E., du Montcel ST., Baup N., Pelissolo A., Polosan M., Mallet L., Yelnik J., Devaux B., Fontaine D., Chereau I., Bourguignon A., Peron J., Sauleau P., Raoul S., Garin E., Krebs MO., Jaafari N., Millet B.; STOC Study Group. (2010)
    Decrease of prefrontal metabolism after subthalamic stimulation in obsessive-compulsive disorder: a positron emission tomography study.
    Biological Psychiatry 68(11), 1016-1022
    Mots clé: Cingulate gyrus; deep brain stimulation; 18FDG-PET; obsessive compulsive disorder; orbitofrontal cortex; subthalamic nucleus
    [ DOI (R)] [ PubMed ]

  32. Coste J., Ouchchane L., Sarry L., Derost P., Durif F., Gabrillargues J., Hemm S., Lemaire JJ. (2009)
    New electrophysiological mapping combined with MRI in parkinsonian's subthalamic region.
    European Journal of Neuroscience 29(8), 1627-1633
    Mots clé: deep brain stimulation; electrophysiology; Parkinson’s disease; spontaneous activity; subthalamic nucleus
    [ DOI (R)] [ PubMed ]

  33. Caire F., Ouchchane L., Coste J., Gabrillargues J., Derost P., Ulla M., Durif F., Lemaire JJ. (2009)
    Subthalamic Nucleus Location: Relationships between Stereotactic AC-PC-Based Diagrams and MRI Anatomy-Based Contours.
    Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery 87(6), 337-347
    Mots clé: Subthalamic nucleus targeting; Deep brain stimulation; Stereotactic AC-PC-based diagrams
    [ DOI (R)] [ PubMed ]

  34. Hemm S., Coste J., Gabrillargues J., Ouchchane L., Sarry L., Caire F., Vassal F., Nuti C., Derost P., Durif F., Lemaire JJ. (2009)
    Contact position analysis of deep brain stimulation electrodes on post-operative CT images.
    Acta neurochirurgica 151(7), 823-9; discu. 829
    Mots clé: electrode artefact; STN-DBS; CT; position analysis
    [ DOI (R)] [ PubMed ]

  35. Hemm S., Caire F., Coste J., Vassal F., Nuti C., Derost P., Ouchchane L., Sarry L., Durif F., Lemaire JJ. (2008)
    Postoperative Control in Deep Brain Stimulation of the Subthalamic Region: The Contact Membership Concept.
    International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery 3(1-2), 69-77
    Mots clé: STN-DBS; Direct targeting; MRI; Postoperative control; Contact mapping
    [ DOI (R)] [ PubMed ]

  36. Mallet L., Polosan M., Jaafari N., Baup N., Welter ML., Fontaine D., du Montcel ST., Yelnik J., Chéreau I., Arbus C., Raoul S., Aouizerate B., Damier P., Chabardès S., Czernecki V., Ardouin C., Krebs MO., Bardinet E., Chaynes P., Burbaud P., Cornu P., Derost P., Bougerol T., Bataille B., Mattei V., Dormont D., Devaux B., Vérin M., Houeto JL., Pollak P., Benabid AL., Agid Y., Krack P., Millet B., Pelissolo A.; STOC Study Group. (2008)
    Subthalamic nucleus stimulation in severe obsessive-compulsive disorder.
    New England Journal of Medicine 359(20), 2121-2134
    [ DOI (R)] [ PubMed ]

  37. Coste J., Voisin DL., Miraucourt LS., Dallel R., Luccarini P. (2008)
    Dorsal horn NK1-expressing neurons control windup of downstream trigeminal nociceptive neurons.
    Pain 137(2), 340-51
    Mots clé: nociception; substance P; trigeminal; orofacial; pain
    [ DOI (R)] [ PubMed ]

  38. Coste J., Voisin DL., Luccarini P., Dallel R. (2008)
    A role for wind-up in trigeminal sensory processing: intensity coding of nociceptive stimuli in the rat.
    Cephalalgia 28(6), 631-9
    Mots clé: central sensitization; headache; pain; temporal summation; wide dynamic range; neuron
    [ DOI (R)] [ PubMed ]

  39. Lemaire JJ., Coste J., Ouchchane L., Caire F., Nuti C., Derost P., Cristini V., Gabrillargues J., Hemm S., Durif F., Chazal J. (2007)
    Brain mapping in stereotactic surgery: A brief overview from the probabilistic targeting to the patient-based anatomic mapping.
    NeuroImage 37, S109-S115
    Mots clé: Stereotaxy; DBS; MRI; Targeting; Anatomy; Computer-aided surgery
    [ DOI (R)] [ PubMed ]

  40. Lemaire JJ., Coste J., Ouchchane L., Hemm S., Derost P., Ulla M., Siadoux S., Gabrillargues J., Durif F., Chazal J. (2007)
    MRI anatomical mapping and direct stereotactic targeting in the subthalamic region: functional and anatomical correspondence in Parkinson's disease.
    International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery 2(2), 75-85
    Mots clé: Image-guided surgery; STN-DBS; Stereotaxy; Brain mapping
    [ DOI (R)] [ PubMed ]

  41. Caire F., Derost P., Coste J., Bonny JM., Durif F., Frenoux E., Villéger A., Lemaire JJ. (2006)
    Subthalamic deep brain stimulation for severe idiopathic Parkinson's disease. Location study of the effective contacts.
    Neurochirurgie 52(1), 15-25
    Mots clé: deep brain stimulation; Parkinson’s disease; MRI; anatomy
    [ DOI (R)] [ PubMed ]

  42. Woda A., Blanc O., Voisin DL., Coste J., Molat JL., Luccarini P. (2004)
    Bidirectional modulation of windup by NMDA receptors in the rat spinal trigeminal nucleus.
    European journal of neuroscience 19(8), 2009-16
    Mots clé: nociception; pain; subnucleus oralis; Sprague-Dawley rat; wide dynamic range
    [ DOI (R)] [ PubMed ]

  43. Coste J., Vial JC., Faury G., Deronzier A., Usson Y., Robert-Nicoud M., Verdetti J. (2002)
    NO synthesis, unlike respiration, influences intracellular oxygen tension.
    Biochemical and biophysical research communications 290(1), 97-104
    Mots clé: endothelium; intracellular oxygen tension; porphyrin; fluorescence
    [ DOI (R)] [ PubMed ]


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